Palace of the Borgias in Xàtiva

Los Borgia en las Cortes Valencianas
Land of the Borgias



Palace of the Borgias in Xàtiva


The Palace was built in the 15th century and was the headquarters of the archdeacon of the Collegiate Church, a position that was always held a Canon from València Cathedral. Over the impressive arched entrance there is a coat of arms belonging to Calixtus III plus another two heraldic shields from the Borgia-Oms branch of the family, possibly belonging to Roderic or Cèsar Borgia, Archbishops of València.

Nowadays, all that remains of the Palace is a small 14th century room with four vaulted splayed arches and a three-light window that was restored in early 2000.

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Carrer de l'Ardiaca, 4, Xàtiva

Palacio de los Borgia

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