Evaristo Navarro Museum

Los Borgia en las Cortes Valencianas
Land of the Borgias



Evaristo Navarro Museum

Castelló de Rugat

The building has a rectangular layout and a striking appearance: a roof with classic arrangements of refractory bricks, an open-plan space, large glass windows... the building is in the town of Castelló de Rugat in the province of València, and houses the Museo-Taller de la Cerámica de Gerres (Gerres ceramics museum and workshop) containing artefacts from the archaeological digs carried out in the Palacio Ducal. The museum has a permanent exhibition of ceramics made in the area and also houses the items recovered during restoration work on the Palacio de los Borgia.

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Esquina de Ronda de Ráfol y Ronda Industrial, Castelló de Rugat

Museo de Evaristo Navarro

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